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Analytic Charts

In addition to the standardised form of Pedigree and Family Tree Charts included in all Ancestral Reports, Tables can be supplied as hard-copy or on CD-Rom (in Office Excel, as a PDF document or JPG image), distilling other forms of Historical Research.

The following samples resulted from an enquiry into which Shakespearean roles the 18th century actor David Garrick performed in London during a 10 year period, and were then compared against his known repertoire at Drury Lane:

Chart 1: Frequency of Performances by Title

Frequency of Performances of Shakespeare's Plays 1755-1765 By Title

(Tabulated from information in "The London Stage 1600-1800,
Part IV, 1747-1776", ed. G. W. Stone (Carbondale: Southern Illinois
University Press, 1961)

Chart 2: Frequency of Performances by Genre

Frequency of Performances of Shakespeare's Plays 1755-1765 By Genre

(Tabulation based on the number of plays performed during
 the period surveyed, not on the total extant in the canon

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