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Restoration English

               Bond, Dated 14 September 1680

Bond, Radnor Hereford & Warwickshire, English Secretary Hand, 14 September 1680
    English Secretary Hand, black ink on parchment, 34 lines, with 6 auto-
   graph signatures & 2 seals intact at bottom; single sheet folded in two,
  inscribed on outer leafs only, each side measuring 7.5" x 11.75"; ink stain
to left margin at centre fold & water damage down full length of right side.

      Know all men by these p[re]sents that wee Richard

      Williams of Cabalva in the County of Radnor Esq[uire]

      and Ambrose Scudamoore of Kenchurch in the

      County of Herefford Esq[uire] have had & receaved

      of S.r [i.e. Sir, ff.] John Huband of Ipsley in the County of

      Warwicke Barronett the full sum[m]e of Two Thousan

      Thousand and three hundred pounds of lawfull

      money of England being the Considerac[i]on

      money menc[i]oned and Expressed in one

      Indenture Tripartite bearing date the sixteenth

      day of January last past and made between

      us the s[ai]d Richard Williams and Ambrose

      Scudamoore and Magdalen and Anne our

      wives of the first parte Thomas Geers Herbert

      Masters Richard Witherston Dame Delarivers

      Morgan wid.[ow] and sole Excecutrix [sic.] of Sr Thomas

      Morgan late of Chanson in the s[ai]d County of

      Herefford Barronett and Sr John Morgan Barronet

      sonne & heire of the s[ai]d Sr Thomas Morgan of

      the second parte ^and^ the s[ai]d S.r John Huband of the

      third parte of w.[hi]ch s[ai]d sum[m]e of Two Thousand

      & three hundred pounds wee the s[ai]d Richard

      Williams and Ambrose Scudamoore doe hereby

      for us our heires Excecutors [sic., ff.] and Administrators

      Accquitt Release Exonerate & discharge the said

      Sr John Huband his heires Excecutors and Admi=

      nistrators forever by these p[re]sents In witnesse

      whereof wee the s[ai]d Richard Williams & Ambrose

      Scudamoore have hereunto put our hands & seales

      this ffourteenth day of September In the yeare

      of our Lord God one Thousand six hundred and


Sealed & delivered

in the p[re]sence of                          R Williams  [+ seal]

      Robert Symonds

      Abr: Seward                                 Amb: Scudamore  [+ seal]

Isaec Seward

      Tho: (?) [signature surname undeciphered*]

* This represents a typical problem encountered in the
   transcription of early documents, particularly when
   the MS is damaged, the hand is generally unclear, or
   – as in this case – when an idiosyncratic personal
   signature does not correspond with lettering else-
   where in the document. Ritualised language, custom
   & practise, and common sense in context can be drawn
   on to 'crack' standard words and phrases, but with
   multiple possibilities existing for the interpretation of
   numerous letters,  Names & Places can be particularly
   challenging to decipher. It is therefore, unfortunately,
   not uncommon for question marks to remain in an
   otherwise completed transcript.



                                   Mr Williams & Mr

                                   Scudamoore Receipt

                                   for ye purchase mony

                                     of Studley

                                     14 Sepr 1680

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