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                         Instrument of Seisin,
                          Dated 23 April 1768

Instrument of Seisin, The Teinds of Meikle Cocklick & Edingham, Parish of Urr and Stewartry of Kirkcudbright, Dumfries, English Secretary Hand, 23 April 1768
   English Secretary Hand, brown ink on fine vellum, 41 lines, with
Revenue Stamp and 2 Endorsements; page measuring 23.5" x 17.25";
             good condition, some minor staining and ink-fading.

 1. In the Name of God Amen To all and sundry whom it may
     concern By this present public Instrument  Be it Known That
     upon the twenty third day of April

 2. in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and Sixty
     eight and of the reign of our Sovereign Lord George the third by
     the grace of God King of Great Britain France and Ireland

 3. Defender of the faith the eighth year  In Presence of me Notary
     Public and the witnesses hereto subscribing Compeared personally
     upon the ground of the Lands aftermentioned respectively

 4. and successively James McKune of Little Culloch as Baily in that
     part of the Right Honourable Dunbar Earl of Selkirk specially
     constituted to the effect underwritten by the Precept of Seisin

 5. herein after engrossed contained in the Disposition after deduced
     Where appeared also personally Ebenezer McGeorge of Meikle
     Cocklick to whom and in whose favour the said

 6. Disposition is made and granted, having and holding in his hands
     a principal Disposition of the date of and containing the Precept of
     Seisin after inserted made and granted by the

 7. said Dunbar Earl of Selkirk Whereby His Lordship for the causes
     therein specified Sold alienated and disponed from him his heirs
     and successors to and in favour of the said

 8. Ebenezer McGeorge his heirs and assignees whatsoever heritably
     and irredeemably All and whole The Teind sheaves and other
     Teinds great and small parsonage and Vicarage of the

 9. Lands of Meikle Cocklick and Edingham and Crofts thereof with
     the pertinents lying in the Parish of Urr and Stewartry of
     Kirkcudbright; Together with all right title interest claim

10. of right property and possession which the said Earl, his authors
     and predecessors had, or any ways might pretend thereto As the
     said Disposition containing an Obligement to

[Stamp affixed to left margin]

11. Infeft a Procuratory of Resignation a clause of Warrandice an
     Assignation to the said Teinds parsonage and vicarage and to
     the writs evidents and securities thereof the

12. Precept of Seisin after inserted and several other Clauses in
     itself more fully bears Which Disposition the said Ebenezer
     McGeorge presented to the said James McKune as Baily

13. in that part aforesaid and desired him to execute the office of
     Bailliary thereby committed to him which Desire the said James
     McKune as Baily foresaid finding reasonable He

14. received the said Disposition into his hands and delivered the
     same to me Notary Public Subscribing to be read over and
     explained to the witnesses then bystanding and also

15. subscribing, which I accordingly did, and of which Precept of
     Seisin contained in the said Disposition the tenor follows “Attour
     to the effect the said Ebenezer McGeorge may be Infeft

16. and Seised in the Teinds parsonage and vicarage above disponed
     I hereby desire and require you ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
     My Baillies in that part jointly and

17. severally, That incontinent on sight hereof ye pass to the ground
     of the lands above and underwritten respectively and successively
     the one after the other, and there give and deliver heretable

18. state and Seisin with actual real and corporal possession of All
     and haill the Teinds parsonage and Vicarage of the said lands of
     Meikle Cocklick and lands of Edingham and Crofts

19. thereof lying in the said Parish of Urr and Stewartry of
     Kirkcudbright foresaid; To the said Ebenezer McGeorge and his
     foresaid or his or their certain Attorney or Attorneys in his or their

20. names bearers hereof; And that by deliverance to him or them
     of an handful of Corn and grass or straw & stubble and a little
     wool, and other symbols necessary And this on no ways

21. ye leave undone The doing whereof I commit to you jointly and
     severally as said is my full and irrevocable power by this my
     Precept of Seisin. In witness whereof these presents written

22. upon this and the three Preceeding Pages of Stamped Paper by
     Thomas Goldie Apprentice to James Dickson Sheriff Clerk of
     Drumfries are subscribed by me on each page at St Mary’s Isle
     this twenty

23. fourth day of November in the year one thousand seven hundred
     and Sixty Seven before these witnesses Alexander Walker and
     John Maxwell my servants Sic subscribitur* Selkirk Alex[ande]r

                                                      [* i.e. Thus is subscribed]

24. Walker witness Jo: Maxwell witness” After publicly overreading
     and explaining of which Disposition and Precept of Seisin therein
     contained and above inserted By me the Notary Public

25. Subscribing to and in presence and audience of the witnesses
     then present and also subscribing The said James McKune as Baily
     in that part foresaid, by virtue of the powers committed to him

26. by the said Precept Gave & delivered heretable state & Seisin
     with actual real and corporal possession of All and Haill The
     Teinds parsonage and Vicarage of the said lands of Meikle

27. Cocklick and Lands of Edingham and Crofts thereof lying as
     aforesaid To the said Ebenezer McGeorge By deliverance to him
     of a handful of Corn and grass and a little wool, and other

28. symbols necessary After the form and tenor of the said
     Disposition and Precept of Seisin above-inserted in all points
     Whereupon and upon all and sundry the premisses the

29. said Ebenezer McGeorge of Me Notary Public subscribing asked
     and required instruments These things were so acted and done
     at and upon the ground of the foresaid Lands of

30. Meikle Cocklick Edingham and Crofts thereof respectively and
     successively the one after the other betwixt the hours of four
     and six afternoon of the day month year of

31. our Lord and of His Majestys reign first above written In
     presence of Thomas McGeorge in Tarscrechan and John Hume
     servant to the said Ebenezer McGeorge

32. Witnesses to the premisses (which are wrote on Stampt
     Parchment specially called and required

33.                                                  Et ego vero Thomas Stothart Clericus
                                                         Glasguensis Dioceseos [sic.] ac
                                                         Notarius Publicus auctoritate Regali Ac

                                                                           And I, truly, Thomas Stothart, Clerk
                                                         of the Glasgow Diocese and Notary
                                                         Public (by) Royal authority, And

34. Thomas McGeorge Wittnes    per Dominos Concilij et Sessionis
                                                         secundum tenorem Acti Parliamenti
                                                         admissus Quia praemissis omnibus

                                                                                      by the Lords of Council and Session,
                                                         according to the tenor of the Act of
                                                         Parliament, admitted, Whereas (at)
                                                         the premisses, all

35.                                                   et singulis dum sic ut praemittitur
                                                         dicerentur agerentur et fierent Una
                                                         cum praenominatis testibus

                                                                                      and singular, while just as is put
                                                         forward, said, conducted, and done,
                                                         Together with the afore-named

36.                        Sua praemia Virtus.

                                       Virtue (is) Its own reward.

37. John Hume Wittnes           praesens personaliter interfui Eaq[ue]
                                                         omnia et singula praemissa sic fieri et
                                                         dici vidi scivi et audivi 

                                                                           I have been personally present, and
                                                         the Same all and singular premisses
                                                         thus to be done and said I have seen,
                                                         known, and heard,

38.           Thos Stothart N.P.    ac in Notam cepi Ideoque hoc
                                                         praesens publicum instrumentum
                                                         Manu mea fideliter scriptum Exinde

                                                                  and have taken in Notation, and
                                                         Therefore this present public
                                                         instrument, (by) my hand faithfully
                                                         written, Thereupon

39.                                                   confeci ac in hanc Publici Instrumenti
                                                         formam redegi Signoque nomine et
                                                         cognomine meis solitis et con-

                                                               I have composed, and in this form of
                                                         Public Instrument I have rendered
                                                         and have signed (with) my name and
                                                         surname, customary and ac-

40.                                                   suetis signavi et subscripsi in fidem
                                                         robur et testimonium veritatis omnium
                                                         et Singulorum praemissorum

                                                         customed, I have sealed and subscribed
                                                         in faith, strength, and testimony of the
                                                         truth of all and Singular the premisses,

41.                                                    rogatus et requisitus

                                                            asked and required.

[Stamped in left margin]

                                Endorsement 1:


                              Instrument of Seisin

                                          Of The Teinds of

                              Meikle Cocklick & Edingham

                                          In Favour of

                              Ebenezer McGeorge of Cocklick

                              Esqr                23 April 1768

                                                               TS. N.P.

                                Endorsement 2:

 1. At Drumfries the Eleventh Day of May Mvijc* & sixty eight years

                                                                           [* i.e. 1700]

 2. Betwixt the hours of one and two afternoon the Sasine

 was Presented by Thomas Stothart writer in Drumfries And is
     duly Regis:

 4. tred on the 130th & Leaves of the Twentyeth Book of the

 5. Particular Register of Sasines Reversions &c Kept for the Shire of

 6. Drumfries Stewartrys of Kirkcudbright and Annandale Conform to

 7. Act of Parliament by me John Clark writer in Drumfries Clerk to &

 8. Keeper of the said Register

 9.                                                                              [signature:]  Jo. Clark

                                                              [Stamp affixed to right margin]

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