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Full Research Assignments, Targeted Archive
Look-Ups, Transcription, Translation,
Editorial Work, and Customised Gifts,
all undertaken on a pre-agreed hourly basis.

Wells Warley

Detailed Genealogy & Family History Research

The procedure is carried out in 5 basic stages, which also apply to Local History, Theatre History, Literary, and  Biographical Research (with adjustments made to the final report as appropriate) – an update will be provided for the client at the completion of each stage:

     1)  Analysis of existing material
            (both for verification & to avoid duplication)

     2)  Development of a research strategy

     3)  Carrying through the research

     4)  Analysis of collected material


     5)  Written Report,* in printed or electronic form, as
            preferred, to include:

                        a)  full details of all records searched, whether
                              results were positive or negative
                        b)  copies of all documentation collected
                              (certificates, digital images, etc.)
                        c)  family tree chart(s) & illustrations
                        d)  suggestions for future research
                        e)  optional electronic database in gedcom
                              format, for import to home computer
                              genealogy programmes

* The Sample Report (on the Victorian stage-performer
    Edward Richard Wright) has a mixed form, to illustrate
    the variety of avenues open to research; the standard
    genealogy format corresponds to those paragraphs
    detailing birth, marriage & death events, census listings,
    and wills, while alternate sections draw on newspaper
    articles, playbills, posters, and other professional
    records, to flesh out the subject's life story as well as
    his or her family history.

Wells Warley

Targeted Look-up Service

Archive Research & Document Copying
Record Finding (1841-1911 Census Listings, Civil
              Registration Certificates, Parish Register
              Entries, Court Rolls, etc.)
Photography of Cemeteries/Gravestones
              and Buildings in London & North West Kent



Transcription & Translation of documents running from  the Middle Ages to the Present (including Wills and Administrations, Title Deeds, Manorial Records, Ancient Petitions, etc.), in early English, Scottish, French & Latin

* All Transcriptions are formatted to correspond line-by-
    line with the original document for easy comparison;
    those in Mediæval French & Latin include full expansion
    of abbreviations, with the coherent literal Translation
    for each transcribed line appearing directly underneath.


Charts & Summaries

Traditional Family Trees
Tailored Relationship Charts
Deed Calendars
Analytic Diagrams
                                               (customised orders welcome)

Manuscript Editing & Proof-Reading

All prose forms undertaken:
Non-fiction, Fiction, and Play-scripts

Halifax Piece Hall 1890

Gifts for Special Occasions

Presentation Reports:  A specially bound & illustrated
             version of the
Ancestral Report, printed on
             quality parchment paper
Family Trees:  Ink on parchment paper
             – plain, bound, or framed, as preferred
Research Certificates:  Tailored to suit Birthdays,
             Anniversaries, Christmas, and other special events
             – for a project to be directed by the recipient

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