Detailed Genealogy & Historical Research

The Process

The work is carried out in 5 basic stages, which also apply to Local History, Theatre History, Literary and Biographical Research (with adjustments made to the final report as appropriate) – updates are provided via email throughout:



Analysis of existing material (both for verification and to avoid duplication)


Development of a targeted research strategy


Carrying through the research


Analysis of collected material


Written Report,* in printed or electronic form, as preferred, to include:

  • full details of all records searched, whether results were positive or negative
  • copies of all documentation collected (certificates, digital images, etc.)
  • family tree chart(s) and illustrations
  • suggestions for future research
  • optional electronic database in gedcom format, for importing to home computer genealogy programmes

*The Sample Report (on the Victorian stage-performer Edward Richard Wright) has a mixed form, to illustrate the variety of avenues open to research; the standard genealogy format corresponds to those paragraphs detailing birth, marriage and death events, census listings, and wills, while alternate sections draw on newspaper articles, playbills, posters, and other professional records, to flesh out the subject’s life story as well as family history.