By Hourly Rate

  • £30 per hour for Research, Report-Writing, and Editorial Services.
  • £25 per hour for Digitisation and Photographic Services.
  • £25 per hour for Transcription of Early English and Scottish Documents.
  • £30 per hour for English translation of Mediæval Latin and French and/or a corresponding line-by-line transcription of the original language, with full expansion of abbreviations within square brackets.

* All fees are exclusive of disbursements, such as the ordering of certificates, purchase of a camera use pass, and photo-copying, plus postage – all to be relayed at cost and agreed in advance. Travel within London and the Greater London Area is not charged for; expenses incurred during pre-agreed out-of-county research assignments also to be relayed at cost (including fares).

Positive Results are dependent on the survival and physical condition of documents. While a guarantee of success is therefore not possible, an agreed budget will not be exceeded without the client’s direct instruction.

Payment Methods

Personal Cheque, Banker’s Draft, Postal Order, Electronic Bank Transfer, and PayPal, in Pounds Sterling. There is a 5½ % surcharge for payments made outside the U.K. when using the last option, to cover PayPal’s fee for processing the transaction.