A Medieval Alternative to Disinfectant

Category: Alchemy, Exchequer Docs, Historic Recipes, Medieval Manuscripts

          A medecyn Ayenst

          the Pestelence

ffirst an handfull of Rewe

an handfull of Marygold[es]

an handfull of Burnett

an handfull of Sorrell

half an handfull of ffetherfoy

a quantite of dragon[es] of the Croppyc[es] or ell[es] of the rott[es]
[i.e. the Tops or roots of dragonwort]

And wasshe theym ffeyer in Rynnyng water / and seth them

softly in lyke water frome a potell to a quarte . and then streyne

theyme /and drynk hit . and if ye drynk byfore the purpyll[es]

appere you shall haue remedy . and if the foreseid medecyn

be to bytter to receyue . then put therto alitle suger candy to aley hit

The National Archives of the U.K., E 163/22/2/60

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