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Minions of the Moon, part 2

Minions of the Moon, part 2 – read part 1 here The National Archives of the U.K., C 241/117/338, recto Reu[er]endo viro et discreto d[omi]no Rob[er]to P[ar]nynk[es] Militi ac illustr[is] Reg[is] Angl[ie] & ff[ra]ncie Cancell[ario] sui humiles & deuoti Simon ffranceys Maior Ciuitatis Lond[onie] (To) the Reverend and discreet lord Robert Parnynkes [sic. Parnyng], Knight,… Read more »

Remember, Remember

I had intended to commemorate Guy Fawkes Night by translating an Elizabethan Recipe for Fireworks held in the State Papers Collection of The National Archives at Kew, but it turned out to be more Molotov Cocktail than Sparkler – arguably appropriate to the historic events of the day, but not so much for a how-to-make-this-at-home… Read more »

Open, locks, Whoever knocks

The 7th of August in the year 1606 saw the first recorded performance of Macbeth, in the Great Hall at Hampton Court. Shakespeare’s addition of three witches into the historical brew was tailored to grab the interest of the evening’s host, King James VI & I, himself an author with a well-known interest in the… Read more »

Inky Fingers, part 1

29 May being Oak Apple Day – the anniversary of the Restoration of King Charles II, honouring the ‘Royal Oak’ at Boscobel House which shielded him from Cromwell’s men after the Battle of Worcester – it feels appropriate to spare a thought for the humble oak apple, which plays such a large part in my… Read more »