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A Medieval Alternative to Disinfectant

          A medecyn Ayenst           the Pestelence ffirst an handfull of Rewe an handfull of Marygold[es] an handfull of Burnett an handfull of Sorrell half an handfull of ffetherfoy a quantite of dragon[es] of the Croppyc[es] or ell[es] of the rott[es] [i.e. the Tops or roots of dragonwort] And wasshe theym ffeyer in Rynnyng water… Read more »

Through the Looking Glass

Although I carry out most of my research in the Map and Large Document Reading Room at The National Archives, the most precious and sensitive items in its extensive collection have to be viewed under supervision in the Invigilation Room on the floor below – a much less daunting process than it sounds. A member… Read more »