Bond, Dated 21 August 1612

Renaissance English with Latin.

Bond, Dated 21 August 1612

Sample Categories: Palæography and Renaissance English with Latin.

English Secretary Hand, black ink on parchment, 46 lines, with decorated ‘T’ in majuscule & ornamental strap-work, plus 4 autograph signatures & 1 signature mark at bottom; page measuring 16.7″ x 16″; good condition, minor tearing to left vertical fold, along right margin, and centre-right at bottom where the seal tongue has been removed.

1. Noverint Universi p[er] p[re]sentes me Richardu[m] Scolefeild de Lightcliffe in Com[itatu] Ebor[acensis] yeoman, Teneri et firm[ite]r obligari Johanni

Know All men by (these) presents myself, Richard Scolefeild of Lightcliffe in the County of York, yeoman, To be Held and firmly bound (to) John

2. Whitley de Hipp[er]holme in d[i]c[t]o Com[itatu] yeoman in Centum et Triginta Libris legalis monetæ Angliæ, Solvend[is] eid[em] Joh[ann]i Whitley aut suo certo

Whitley of Hipperholme in the said County, yeoman, in One Hundred and Thirty Pounds of lawful money of England, To be Paid (to) the same John Whitley, or (to) his certain

3. Atturn[ato] hered[ibus] executor[ibus] vel admi[nistratoribus] suis, Ad qua[m] quid[em] soluc[i]onem bene et fidel[ite]r faciend[am] obligo me heredes executores et administrators meos

Attorney, (to) his heirs, executors, or administrators, Towards the which payment well and faithfully to be made, I bind myself, my heirs, executors, and administrators

4. firm[ite]r p[er] p[re]sentes, Sigillo meo Sigillat[um] Dat[um] Vicesimo primo die Augusti Anno Regni Domini nostri Jacobi Dei gracia Angliæ ffraunciæ et

firmly by (these) presents; Sealed (with) my Seal. Given (on) the Twentieth (&) first day of August (in) the Year of the Reign of our Lord James, (by) the grace of God of England, France, and

5. Hiberniæ Regis fidei Defensoris &c Decimo, Et Scotiæ Quadragesimo Sexto Annoq[ue] dei 1612

Ireland the King, Defender of the faith, etc., the Tenth, And of Scotland the Fortieth (&) Sixth, and the Year of god 1612.

6. The condic[i]on of this obligac[i]on is such, That whereas the Abovebound Richard Scolefeild, (by one his Dede of Feoffm[en]t: Indented, bearing date w[i]th

7. this obligac[i]on, for the Considerac[i]on therein expressed) Hath given graunted bargained Sold & enfeoffed unto the Abovenamed John Whitley his heirs and

8. assignes forever, All That Close of Land & medowe called Bally Brig yng, and one Cottage and one garden, standing or being in or neare the foresaid

9. Close, with all and singuler their appurten[au]nc[e]s in Lightcliffe w[i]thin the towneshipp of Hipp[er]holme in the said county of Yeorke nowe in the tenure or occupac[i]on

10. of the said Richard Scolefeild or his assignes, Abutting upon the hie way leading betwene Wakefeild & Halifax towards the North, upon a certen River

11. there towards the east, upon the lands of Samuell Hoile towards the South, and upon one Close called Wharlers towards the west, And all waies waters

12. watercourses liberties easem[en]ts: & Com[m]oddities whatsoev[er] to the said Close & p[re]misses or any of them belonging or w[i]th the same used or occupied, And the Reverc[i]on and

13. Rev[er]c[i]ons of the p[re]misses & of ev[er]y or any p[ar]te thereof, And all the wholl estate right title Interest possession Clayme & Demaund whatsoev[er] of him the said

14. Richard Scolefeild of in or to the p[re]misses & ev[er]y p[ar]te thereof, upon Condic[i]on & for the paym[en]t: unto the said John Whitley of the Som[m]e of Threescore and Fyve pounds

15. of lawfull money of England upon the one & Twentith day of June next ensewing the date of this obligac[i]on, As by the said Dede of Feoffm[en]t: Indented may further and

16. more plainly appeare, Yf therefore The said Richard Scolefeild, all the very tyme of the Sealling and executing of the said Dede of Feoffm[en]t: Indented was the

17. true & lawfull owner of all the said Close of land Cottage garden and all other the p[re]misses before by the said dede of feoffm[en]t: indented menc[i]oned to ^be^ graunted or enfeoffed

18. with all their appurten[au]nces, And thereof and of ev[er]y p[ar]te & p[ar]cell thereof then stoode rightfully lawfully and sole Seised of a good lawfull and p[er]fect Estate of Inheritaunce

19. in Fee Simple, without any Condic[i]on or Morgage, And in his owne Right then had full power & authority to give graunte & enfeoffe the p[re]misses unto the said John

20. Whitley in manner and forme afforesaid And also (yf the said Som[m]e of Threescore & Fyve Poundes be not paid in mann[er] & forme as in the said dede of

21. Feoffm[en]t: is menc[i]oned & expressed) yf then and att all tymes from & after such defalt of paym[en]t: & from tyme to tyme from thenceforth forever, the said John Whitley

22. his heirs and assignes & ev[er]y of them shall and Lawfully may do his and their owne uses, peaceably and quietly have hold occupy possesse and enioy, All the said Close of Land and

23. medowe called Ballybrigg yng, Cottage garden and all other the p[re]misses before menc[i]oned to be graunted or enfeoffed with all their appurten[au]nces, And the yssues & p[ro]fitts

24. of the same com[m]ing & Renewing have Receive and take to his and their owne uses, without any Lett Suite troble hindrance Interrupc[i]on or Incumbrance of or by the said Richard

25. Scolefeild his heirs or Assignes or any of them, or Lawfully of or by any other p[er]son or p[er]sons whatsoever And free And Cleare & Clearly acquited & Dischardged (or

26. otherwise upon Reasonnable Request to be made for the same well & sufficiently att all tymes & from tyme to tyme saved & kept harmeles lostes [sic.] & Indemnified by the said

27. Richard Scolefeild his heirs or assignes or some of them) of and from all & all mann[er] of Bargaines Sales gifts graunts Fynes Feoffm[en]ts: leases Rents & Avverag[e]s of

28. Rents Joynters dowers & titles of Dower, and especially of & from the Joynture Dower & title of Dower of Effan nowe wiffe of the said Richard Scolefeild, entailes

29. Morgag[e]s Forfeitur[e]s Acts Charg[e]s titles trobles and Incumbranc[e]s whatsoever (The Rents Suits and Servic[e]s from thenceforth to be come due & paiable for the p[re]misses t[o – page torn away at right margin, ff.]

30. the Cheiffe Lord or Lord[s – page torn at fold-line] of the Fee or Fees thereof only excepted) And further (yf the said Close of Land & p[re]misses be not Redeemed from the said John Whitle[y]

31. by the paym[en]t: of the said Som[m]e in forme afforesaid) yf then and all tyme & tymes from thenceforthe during the space of Seaven years the said Richard Scolefeil[d]

32. and his heirs and also the said Effan nowe his wiffe, shall & doe upon the Reasonnable Request and att the p[ro]per Costes and Charg[e]s of the said John Whitley his

33. heirs or Assignes or some of them, make doe suffer knowledge & execute, All and ev[er]y such further good lawfull Reasonnable & p[er]fect Acte & Acts thing & things devise

34. and devises assuranc[e]s & Conveyanc[e]s in the lawe whatsoev[er] for the further better and more p[er]fect assuring Suremaking and Conveying of all the said Close of land Cottage

35. garden and all other the p[re]misses before by the said Dede of Feoffm[en]t: indented menc[i]oned to be graunted or enfeoffed with all their appurten[au]nc[e]s unto the said John Whitley his

36. Heires and Assignes, and to his and their only use & behooffe forever, absolutely & without any mann[er] of Condic[i]on, Be it by matter in Fact, or of Record, with warranty against

37. all men, or without warranty, As by the said John Whitley his heirs or assignes, or by his or their Counsell learned in the lawes of this Realme shalbe Reasonnably devised

38. advised or required, So allwaies as the said Richard Scolefeild his heires or wiffe or any of them be not Compelled to travel above Thirty Myles from his or

39. their then dwelling howses for or aboute the making knowledging or executing of the said Conveyanc[e]s or Assuranc[e]s or any of them, And lastly yf the said

40. Richard Scolefeild or his heirs doe w[i]thin the space of Thre Moneths next ensewing defalt of paym[en]t: of the said Som[m]e, if any such happen to be made, well & truly deliv[er]

41. or Cause to be deliv[er]ed unto the said John Whitley his heirs or assignes requiring the same, All such Evidenc[e]s Dedes Ch[a]r[g]es of scripts minim[en]ts: & wrytings as touch or concerne the

42. p[re]misses before menc[i]oned to be graunted or enfeoffed only, or only any p[ar]te or p[ar]cell thereof, Togeither w[i]th the true Copies of all such other evidenc[e]s & wrytings as touch or concerne the

43. p[re]misses Joyntly with any other lands or Ten[emen]ts: w[hi]ch he the said Richard nowe hath in his owne possession or Custody or may lawfully come by w[i]thout Suite in the lawe, Hee

44. the said John Whitley bearing the Charg[e]s of the said Copies, That then this obligac[i]on to be voide & of none effect, or els to be & stand absolute & in full strength & vertew

45. Sigillat[um] et delib[er]at[um] in pr[esen]tia
cum d[ice]ret [– addition in a separate hand]

Sealed and delivered in the presence
since declared [– addition in a separate hand]

46. n[ost]ru[m]

of us

47.           Jo Drake
48.                         Richa: Hoyle                 John Holle
49.                                                                 +                      Richard Scolfeld
50.                                       Robert smyth m[ar]ke

Dorse: Contemporary Hand (INK)

                             21 Augt. 1612


                                                                                 R.d Scholefield

                                                                                             to                                 } Bond

                                                                                   Jn.o Whitley

Addendum: Modern Hand (PENCIL)

(Land & house at Highcliff
in Hipperhome.
During the reign of King James 1ST)