Frankpledge, Dated 21 October 1625

Renaissance Latin.

Frankpledge, Dated 21 October 1625

Sample Categories: Palæography and Renaissance Latin.

English Secretary Hand, black ink on parchment, 32 lines, with autograph signature bottom right; page measuring 11.75″ x 11.6″; good condition, very minor foxing & ink stains.

1. Combes ss [i.e. scilicet] Ad visu[m] ffranc[i] pleg[ii] cu[m] Cur[ia] gen[er]alis Edmundi Dandy Ar[migeri] ib[ide]m tent[a] vicesimo primo

Combes, to wit: At the view of Frank-pledge with Court general of Edmund Dandy, Esquire, held there (on) the twentieth (&) first

2. die Octobris Anno regni D[omi]ni Regis Caroli dei grac[ia] Angl[ie] Scotie ffranc[ie] & Hib[er]nie fidei defens[or]

day of October (in) the Year of the reign of (our) Lord King Charles, (by) the grace of god of England, Scotland, France, & Ireland, defender of the faith,

3. &c primo p[er] Rob[er]tu[m] Hamby gen[erosum] Senescall[um] ib[ide]m sic irrot[u]latu[m]

etc., the first [i.e. 1625], by Robert Hamby, gentleman, Steward there, thus enrolled:

4. Cu[m] Ad Cur[iam] hic tent[am] nono die Octobris Anno regni D[omi]ni Jacobi nup[er] Regis Angl[ie] nono p[re]sentatu[m] fuit p[er]

Whereas At the Court held here (on) the ninth day of October (in) the ninth Year of the reign of Lord James, late King of England [i.e. 1611], it was presented by

5. homag[iu]m quod Ed[wa]r[d]us Everson nat[ivus] tenens huius man[er]ij post tunc ultim[am] Cur[iam] & ante eand[e]m Cur[iam] obijt et quod ante

the jury that Edward Everson, villein tenant of this manor, after then, the last Court, & before the same Court, died, and that before

6. obitu[m] suu[m] S[ur]sumreddidit extra manus suas in manus D[omi]ni Totu[m] tenementu[m] suu[m] & terr[am] eidem p[er]tinen[s] vocat[um]

his death he Surrendered from his hands into the hands of the Lord All his tenement, & the land to the same pertaining, called

7. Hunts Ad opus & usu[m] Edwardi Everson filij sui & hered[um] suor[um] s[e]c[un]d[u]m eff[e]c[t]u[m] testamenti & ultim[e] voluntat[is]

Hunts, To the use and behoof of Edward Everson, his son, & of his heirs, according to the effect of the testament & last will

8. sue Et in Rot[u]lis eiusdem Cur[ie] specificatu[m] quod Marriona uxor d[i]c[t]i Ed[wa]r[d]i h[ab]uit statu[m] inde p[ro] t[er]mino vite sue Modo Homagiiu[m]

belonging to him, And in the Rolls of the same Court specified, that Marion, wife of the said Edward, has held the estate thereupon for the term of her life; Now, the Jury

9. huius Cur[ie] p[re]sentant quod p[re]d[i]c[t]a Marriona ante hanc Cur[iam] obijt Sup[er] quo ven[it] p[re]d[i]c[t]us Ed[wa]r[d]us Everson filius et petit

of this Court present that the aforesaid Marion died before this Court, Whereon the aforesaid son Edward Evereson came and petitioned

10. se admitti ad ten[emen]ta p[re]d[i]c[t]a cu[m] p[er]tinen[tiis] s[e]c[un]du[m] eff[e]c[t]u[m] S[ur]sumreddic[i]onis p[re]d[i]c[t]e videl[ice]t ad tres p[ar]tes sive p[ro]p[ar]tes unius

himself to be admitted to the tenements aforesaid, with appurtenances, according to the effect of the Surrender aforesaid, that is to say, to three parts or portions of one

11. messuagij edificat[is] & octo acrar[um] terr[e] nat[ive] tent[orum] p[er] reddit[um] septem solid[orum] p[er] annu[m] Et quinq[ue] acrar[um] t[er]re vocat[e] mustleCroft cu[m]

messuage built, & eight acres of villein land, held by the rent of seven shillings annually, And of five acres of land called Mustle-Croft, with

12. via adiac[ente] ten[emen]ti Jerningshams continen[te] p[er] estimac[i]onem Unam rodam nup[er] Rob[er]ti Hunte in quinq[ue] p[ar]tib[us] dividend[am] Ad

the adjacent way of the Jerningshams tenement, containing, by estimation, One rood late of [i.e. belonging to] Robert Hunte, divided into five parts, To

13. unam quintam p[ar]tem quor[um]quid[e]m ten[emen]tor[um] d[i]c[t]i Edwardus Everson pater & marriona admiss[i] fue[ru]nt tenentes eis & hered[ibus]

the one fifth part of which certain tenements the said father Edward Everson & Marion were admitted (as) tenants, (with regard to) them & the heirs

14. ip[s]ius Ed[wa]r[d]i ad Cur[iam] hic tent[am] die Martis in festo App[osto]lor[um] Phi[lippi] & Jacobi Anno regni nup[er] Regis Jacobi octauo ex – – –

of the same Edward, at the Court held here (on) the day of Mars [i.e. Tuesday] during the feast of the Apostles Philip & James (in) the eighth Year of the reign of the late King James [i.e. 01 May 1610, which fell on a Tuesday in that year], from – – –

15. S[ur]sumreddic[i]one Will[ielm]i Sheppard & Rose uxoris eius Ac ad alj[as] duas quintas p[ar]tes eor[u]ndem tentor[um] d[i]c[t]i Ed[wa]r[d]us Everson

the Surrender of William Sheppard & Rose, his wife, And to another two fifths parts held of the same, the said Edward Everson

16. & marriona admiss[i] fue[runt] tenentes in forma p[re]d[i]c[t]a Ad Cur[iam] hic tent[am] nono die Augusti Anno regni nup[er] Regis Jacobi

& Marion were admitted (as) tenants in the form aforesaid, At the Court held here (on) the ninth day of August (in) the Year of the reign of the late King James

17. septimo ex S[ur]sumreddic[i]one Rad[ulph]i ffokes & Jane ux[or]is eius & Will[ielm]i Cressall & Alicie ux[or]is eius ut in Rot[u]lis Cur[iarum] illar[um] plenius

the seventh [i.e. 1609], from the Surrender of Ralph Fokes & Jane, his wife, & of William Cressall & Alice, his wife, as in the Rolls of those Courts more fully

18. liquet Cui quid[e]m Ed[wa]r[d]o Everson D[omi]n[u]s p[er] Senescall[um] suu[m] p[re]d[i]c[t]u[m] concessit & p[er] virgam lib[er]avit de p[re]d[i]c[t]is trib[us] p[ar]tib[us] ^in quinq[ue] p[ar]tib[us]^ dividend[is]

is proven; (To) the Which Edward Everson the Lord, through his Steward aforesaid, has granted & by the rod has released concerning the aforesaid three parts ^in five parts^ divided,

19. sem[pitern]am tenend[um] sibi & hered[ibus] suis s[e]c[un]d[u]m formam testamenti p[re]dicti Ed[wa]r[d]i p[at]ris de D[omi]no p[er] virgam ad voluntat[um] D[omi]ni s[e]c[un]dum

to hold forever (to) himself & his heirs, according to the form of the testament of the aforesaid father Edward, from the Lord by the rod, at the will of the Lord, according

20. Consuetud[inem] man[er]ij p[er] reddit[um] & servic[ia] inde prius debit[a] & de iure consuet[a] Et dat D[omi]no de fine ut in Capite fecitq[ue]

to the Custom of the manor, by the rent & service thereupon first due & of right accustomed, And he gives (to) the Lord as fine as in the Heading, and has done

21. fidelitat[em] & admiss[us] est inde tenens &c      Ex[aminat]u[s]

fealty, & is admitted thereupon (as) tenant, etc.         Examined.

22. Postea sedente Cur[ia] ista p[re]d[i]c[t]us Ed[wa]r[d]us Everson S[ur]sumreddidit in manus D[omi]ni p[er] manus Senescallj p[re]d[i]c[t]i

Afterwards, (in) that Court sitting, the aforesaid Edward Everson has Surrendered into the hands of Lord, through the hands of the Steward aforesaid,

23. p[re]d[i]c[t]um unu[m] mesuagiu[m] in quo idem Ed[wa]r[d]us Everson modo inhabitat cu[m] horto gardina duab[us] inclaus[ur]is t[e]r[r]e & pasture

the aforesaid single messuage in which the same Edward Everson now dwells, with the (vegetable) garden, (flower) garden, two enclosures of land, & pasture-land

24. eidem messuagio p[ro]x[im]e adiacen[s] cum p[er]tinen[tiis] continen[tem] p[er] estimac[i]onem octo acras sive plus sive minus p[ar]cell[am] p[re]d[i]c[t]or[um] ten[emen]tor[um]

(to) the same messuage next adjacent, with appurtenances, containing, by estimation, eight acres, whether more or less, parcel of the aforesaid tenements,

25. ad tres p[ar]tes quor[um] fuit admiss[us] in ista Cur[iam] Ea intent[i]one quod D[omi]n[u]s reconcedere dignaret eadem ten[emen]ta eid[e]m Ed[wa]r[d]o & Anne

to three parts of which he was admitted in that Court, With that intent, that the Lord should deign to re-grant the same tenement (to) the same Edward & Anne,

26. ux[or]i eius & hered[ibus] ip[s]ius Ed[wa]r[d]i Et D[omi]n[u]s h[ab]ens inde sem[pitern]am ex sua spec[iali] grac[ia] et in recontinu[um] antiquor[um] reddit[um] & servic[ium] ^p[ro]^ p[re]d[i]c[t]is

his wife, & (to) the heirs of the same Edward, And the Lord having thereupon forever, from his special grace and in the re-continuing of ancient customs, the rent & service for the aforesaid

27. ten[emen]tis prius debit[is] reconcessit extra manus suas eadem ten[emen]ta cu[m] p[er]tinen[tiis] p[re]fato Ed[wa]r[d]o & Anne p[er] eundem Ed[wa]r[d]um eius

tenements first due, has re-granted from his hands the same tenement, with appurtenances, (to) the afore-mentioned Edward & Anne, by the same Edward, their,

28. in hac p[ar]te Attorn[atum] p[ro] termino vitarum ear[um] & eor[um] alter[ius] diutius vivent[ium] Remaner[e] inde Re[ct]is hered[ibus] ip[s]ius Ed[wa]r[d]i imp[er]pe

in this part, Attorney, for the term of their lives, & of the longer liver of either of them, To Remain thereupon (to) the Right heirs of the same Edward in perpe-

29. tuu[m] Et eis D[omi]n[u]s p[er] Senescall[um] suu[m] p[re]d[i]c[t]u[m] lib[er]avit inde sem[pitern]am p[er] virgam tenend[um] eis & hered[ibus] ip[s]ius Ed[wa]r[d]i de

tuity, And (to) them the Lord, through his Steward aforesaid, has released thereupon forever by the rod, to hold (to) them & (to) the heirs of the same Edward, from

30. D[omi]no p[er] virgam ad voluntatem D[omi]ni se[cun]du[m] Consuetud[inem] man[er]ij p[er] reddit[um] & servic[ium] inde prius debit[a] & de iure consuet[a] Et dant

the Lord by the rod, at the will of the Lord, according to the Custom of the manor, by the rent & service thereupon first due & of right accustomed, And they give

31. D[omi]no de fine fece[ru]ntq[ue] fidelitatem & admiss[i] sunt inde tenentes //       Ex[aminatu]m & concord[andum] cu[m] Rot[u]l[is] Cur[ie]

(to) the Lord as fine, and have done fealty, & are admitted thereupon (as) tenants //     Examined, & being in agreement with the Rolls of Court,

32. p[er] Rob[er]tum HAmby sen[esca]ll[um]

by Robert HAmby, steward.