Abstract of Title (Draft), Dated 1812

Regency English.

Abstract of Title (Draft), Dated 1812

Sample Categories: Palæography and Regency English.

Draft Hand, brown ink on brief sheets of varying sizes, average measurement 10″ x 16″; generally good condition, with some fraying & discolouration throughout, plus significant tearing to the outer leaf at fold lines & edges.

The above-pictured Abstract, drafted in 1812, draws on a variety of property deeds including Manor Court Rolls, Indentures, and Probate Wills, as it chronicles the title of ownership to a Copyhold Estate from 1738 to 1801. A transcript of the first 3 of its 16 pages is reproduced below to give a sense of the wealth of genealogical detail such a source can contain: this provided the basis for the Sample Tailored Relationship Tree-Chart.