Family Trees & Charts

Traditional all-in-one family trees and analytic charts.

Family Trees & Charts

Sample Categories: Reports & Charts.

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Traditional Tree based on the Sample Ancestral Report
on Victorian stage-performer Edward Richard Wright:

Tailored Relationship Tree-Chart
based on information extracted from the Sample Palæography Regency English Abstract:

Analytic Charts

The following samples resulted from an enquiry into which Shakespearean roles the 18th century actor David Garrick performed in London during a 10 year period, and were then compared against his known repertoire at Drury Lane.

Chart 1: Frequency of Performances by Title:

Tabulated from information in The London Stage 1600-1800, Part IV, 1747-1776, ed. G. W. Stone (Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press, 1961).

Chart 2: Frequency of Performances by Genre:

Tabulation based on the number of plays performed during the period surveyed, not on the total extant in the canon.