Sample Late Victorian Property Conveyance

Condensing the contents of historic property deeds for ease of reference, and to save wear & tear to the original document.

Sample Late Victorian Property Conveyance

Sample Categories: Deed Calendars and Reports & Charts.

Black ink on vellum; single sheet folded in two, inscribed on all sides, each measuring 10.5″ x 15.25″; very good condition; 5 stamps intact.

Corresponding Deed Calendar

Date: 01 October 1888

Type of Deed: Indenture
[Conveyance of hereditaments and premises situate at Luddenden in the Parish of Halifax in the County of York]

1. Dyson Thomas of Luddenden Foot in the parish of Halifax, Corn Merchant & General Carrier
2. William Southwell of Luddenden Foot, Grocer
Solicitors Messrs England & Foster, Halifax
Signed in the presence of John Hirst, Solicitor, Halifax

Dyson Thomas (as beneficial owner) conveys the property to William Southwell

All that part of the freehold tenure situate at Bridge End in Luddenden in the parish of Halifax bounded to the North by the Highway to Midgley & bridge over the Luddenden Brook, to the South by the property of [Mr] Barrett, to the East by Luddenden Brook, and to the West by the yard shown on the enclosed plan
Also 2 Shops with Dwellinghouses, one in the occupation of Edward Ingham & one unoccupied, and the Cottage to their rear in the occupation of Walter Wigglesworth
Also all interest in the yard, coal places, privies, Ashes places & Well
With one moiety of the Luddenden Brook coextensive with the premises

Consideration: £480
[Already paid by Southwell & acknowledged by Thomas]

To hold the use in fee simple, subject to payment of the annual rent of 2 shillings to the Chief Lord of the fee

A Memorial was registered at the West Riding Registry of Deeds at Wakefield 04 October 1888 at 10am in Volume 28, Page 529, Number 271

Special Notes:
Inclusion of a hand-drawn, labelled, and multi-coloured map to identify the freehold tenure property