Sample Category: Reports & Charts

Sample Late Victorian Property Conveyance

Black ink on vellum; single sheet folded in two, inscribed on all sides, each measuring 10.5″ x 15.25″; very good condition; 5 stamps intact. Corresponding Deed Calendar Date: 01 October 1888 Type of Deed: Indenture [Conveyance of hereditaments and premises situate at Luddenden in the Parish of Halifax in the County of York] Parties: 1.… Read more »

Sample Ancestral Report

Extracted from Family History Research into the early Victorian “low comedian” – i.e. specialist in farce – Edward Richard Wright (hard copies of all source materials collected are appended to the report, but not reproduced online due to copyright restrictions): Generation No. 1 Comedian Edward Richard Wright, 1810-1859 1. Edward Richard Wright, son of Francis… Read more »


Digital Imaging of Documents, and of Graves & Buildings in London and North West Kent – other counties visited as directed. As may be seen from the examples below, weather and intact survival of gravestones cannot be guaranteed! Church Cemeteries, Memorials & Historic Addresses Royal Artillery, Woolwich St George’s Chapel (ruin) War Memorial, Royal Artillery, Woolwich… Read more »

Family Trees & Charts

Available in MS Word, PDF document, and JPG image Formats.   Traditional Tree based on the Sample Ancestral Report on Victorian stage-performer Edward Richard Wright: Tailored Relationship Tree-Chart based on information extracted from the Sample Palæography Regency English Abstract: Analytic Charts The following samples resulted from an enquiry into which Shakespearean roles the 18th century actor David… Read more »